Add Ear Marks/Notches With Alt. ID


First add content to the Alt. ID drop down:

  1. Go to the Mouse List
  2. Select one Mouse
  3. Click Edit Mice
  4. On the Edit Mouse page, click on the Alt. ID link in front of the drop down
  5. One by one, add the marks to the list
  6. Use the arrows up and down to reorder the list as you need
  7. Click Save when done


 Tip: Ordering the list comes in handy if you have a set sequence in which you ear mark your pups. You can autofill the IDs in this order to quickly populate the pup list in sequence (see step 4)

Next show the Alt. ID column in your Mouse List:

  1. Go back to the Mouse List
  2. Click “select table columns” link at the top right
  3. Select "Alt. ID" check box
  4. Click Save

From the Edit Litter Page:

  1. When ear marking your pups, go to the Edit Litter page
  2. Open the yellow drop down at the top right and select Edit Pups
  3. Select the check boxes in the Pup Information table
  4. Click Autofill button to auto-populate the Alt. ID field in the table based on the order that you set in Step 2
  5. Or choose an Alt. ID directly in the Pup Information table column from the drop down list

From the Group Edit Mouse page

  1. You can also add Ear Marks easily from the Group Edit Mouse page
  2. Select the check boxes of the mice in the list and apply the Alt. ID from the drop down list at the top or select an ID directly from the drop down in the list in the Mouse table





If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.