Allow Users To Create Records for Each Other and Switch Owners

NOTE: You must be the administrator of your SoftMouse account to execute the steps below. 

  1. Login to your SoftMouse account 
  2. Click on the Home icon in the blue header - this will take you to the Admin section of SoftMouse
  3. Click on the Owner Permissions menu and scroll to Step 2: "Step 2: Allow users to create records for each other"
  4. In the section "Choose a User", select one lab member's name from the drop down 
  5. In the "Choose who can create records for the above selected user", go through your list of users and select Yes for both the first AND second drop down for the appropriate users
  6. Click Save
  7. You can repeat Steps 4-6 for the next user

What you are doing is basically saying that the users in Step 5 where "Yes" was selected in the drop down lists can create records for and switch owners of records belonging to the user selected in Step 4. 


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