Backfill your Historical Colony Data

One benefit of manually backfilling your data into your SoftMouse.NET account is that you can acquaint yourself with the features of the database as you are inputting your historical data.

Note that "backfilling" can mean inputting mice from the very beginning of your colony, or it could mean choosing a point in the past and calling that your start date. 

Our recommendation for backfilling data is to start by inputting the mice associated with one mouseline at a time:

  1. Add the first Mouseline - How to Add Mouselines 

  2. Add the first mice within that Mouseline - How to Add Mice 
    Tip: If the mice are no longer alive, simply bypass the Cage Feature as follows: on the New Mouse page, just click the "Create Mice" button instead of "Create Mice and Move them into Cages"

  3. Set up your first Mating Pairs - How to Add Matings 
    Tip: On the new Mating page, ensure to input the correct Mating Set Up date in the past, otherwise the Mating Set Up date will default to today's date. If you accidentally forget to change the Mating Set Up Date when creating the Mating, you can certainly Change the Mating Set Up Date

  4. Create all litters produced by these breeders - How to Add Litters 

  5. Tag, Genotype and Wean the Litters - You can do this either one litter at a time  or use the group edit features and do it as a batch 

  6. Set up the next generation of breeders by adding New Matings

  7. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 until you have entered the most recent litter for this Mouseline

  8. End any mice that are no longer alive

  9. Repeat Steps 1 to 8 for the next Mouseline 


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