Edit the Genotypes of Multiple Mice


Follow these steps to Edit the Genotype of multiple mice as a group:

1.  From the Mouse List or Cage List, select the mice or cages that contain the mice whose genotype needs to be edited

2.  Click on the Edit Mice tab (You'll now be forwarded to the Group Edit Mice Page)

3.  On the Group Edit Mice page, select the mice from the list that will have their genotypes edited or removed.

A.   If your removing the genotype from the mice altogether, select the small "Clear Genotype" checkbox from the menu and skip to step 5

4.  Select a new / different Gene and Allele from their respective drop down menu and click the "add" button to update the Genotype box 

5.  Finally, click on the green "Save+Stay" button --- A popup will appear asking if you would like to Remove or Replace the genotype of the selected mice. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.