How to Create New Mating / Breeding Pair


Follow these steps to create a single male-female breeding pair:

1.  Go to your Mating list by clicking Matings in the blue menu header.

2.  Once on the Mating List, click on the New Matings button.


3.  Select the Male Mouse from the Male list and the Female Mouse from the Female list

4.  Enter the Setup date and the Litter Mouseline. 

  • If you have a specific numbering system for your Matings, enter it into the Mating Tag
  • If you are creating a new line by crossing a male and a female from two distinct lines (e.g. Line A and Line B), you can click on the Mouseline link to add your new line (e.g. A X B) and all litters produced from this pair will inherit the new line.

5.  Click on the green "Add" button. A Preview table will be generated showing your first breeding pair. At this point, you can scroll back up and choose a new male and female to add another pair.

6.  When all pairs have been added to the Preview table, you have two options: 

a. You can either click Create Matings button to simply save the new Mating records to your database and be taken back to your Mating List where you will see your newly created breeding pairs

Note: clicking this button will leave the breeders in their current cages or leave them cageless if they are not currently in a cage


b. You can click Create Mating and Move Breeders into Cages button to save the new Mating records to your database AND get taken to the Move Mice page where you can move the new breeders into their cages


To learn more about moving mice into cages, click here.



  1. If you know the specific male and female you want for your first mating, you can open the Filter and narrow down the lists --- E.g. you can filter by Physical Tag, Genotype, DOB, etc.
  2. If you are looking to set up a male that is already in a breeding pair, you can Filter by the State drop-down and select the Mating checkbox.
  3. If you are looking to set up breeders that have not reached their sexual maturity date, you can Filter by the State drop-down and select the Weanling checkbox, etc.
  4. If you are setting up more than one breeding pair, you can simply scroll back up and repeat steps 3-5 for the next pairs.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.