How To End Old Breeders

If you've reached the scenario where you no longer require a breeding pair(s) and you would like to end it permanently (eg. euthanized), follow the steps below.

To End a Mating:

1.  Go to your Mating List by clicking Matings in the blue menu header.

2.  Click on the checkmark box to the left of any mating you wish to end. 

3.  After selecting the pair(s) you would like to end, click on the End Breeders tab. (You’ll now be forwarded to the End Mice Page)


4.  Select the end type and the date the mating pair was ended and click on the green “apply" button.


5. Finally, to save your changes click on the green "Submit" button.


You have now successfully ended a breeder.  The mating record will be archived as an Inactive Mating.  For more information on how to view the full breeding / litter history for an Inactive Mating Recordclick here.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.