How to Add Strains

You can easily add strains (i.e. backgrounds) to your records. One thing to note with Mouselines and Strains in SoftMouse is that you need to associate a Strain with a Mouseline in order for it to appear in your Strain drop down list.
Here's how to create strains:
  1. Go to your Mouseline List by clicking Mouselines in the blue menu header
  2. Click on the checkbox of any Mouseline in your click and click Edit Lines
  3. On the Edit page, scroll down to the bottom where the strain section is
  4. In the text input field, enter the strain name
  5. Click the dark grey Add button
  6. Select the check box of the strain added
  7. Click the light grey Add button to move the Strain into the Associated Strain list
  8. Click Save
Now when creating new mice or editing mice, when you select a Mouseline, the strain list will automatically populate to show you all strains that you have associated with this line.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.