How to Add a Protocol to Existing Mice

There are three different ways to add a protocol to existing mice:

  1. Single Edit Mouse page
  2. Group Edit Mice page
  3. Edit Litter page

1. Add Protocol for One Existing Mouse

  1. Go to Mouse list
  2. Select a mouse
  3. click on the Edit mice button

  4. On the Edit Mouse Record page, open the Protocol drop-down list and select the one to add

  5. Click on Save + Stay

2. Add Protocol for Multiple Existing Mice at a time

  1. Go to Mouse List
  2. Select multiple mice and before clicking on the Edit mice button
  3. On the Group Edit page, open the Protocol drop-down list and click the one you want to add
  4. Select the mice you want to add the protocol to
  5. Click on Save + Stay
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to add another protocol to other mice

NOTE: To see the Protocols added to mice from the Mouse or Cage List, it is necessary to add the Protocol column to the Mouse List table. To do so, please consult How to Customize Table Columns.


3. Add Protocol for Litters to be Weaned

  1. Go to the Litter List
  2. Select a Litter
  3. Click on the Edit Litter button from the Litter List

  4. In the yellow drop-down list, select Edit pups

  5. Select the pups you want to add the Protocol to

  6. Select a Protocol from the drop-down list

  7. Click on Submit + Stay

The Protocol will be displayed on all selected pups in the below Pup information table.


NOTE: If the protocol that has to be added to a mouse is not in the drop down list, it can be created by clicking on the title of the list "Protocol" (blue hyperlink). It will open a popup window where a Protocol name can be created, and then selected in the drop down list.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.