How to Change the Default Wean, Mature and Tail Tag Ages


In SoftMouse, the default Wean age is 21, Mature ages are 42 and Tail / Tag age is blank for any new mouseline that is created. For some mouselines though, other factors come into play such as pups growing faster or slower than the usual rate, mating that produces a high quantity of pups, overactive mating where a mouse gives birth to a second litter before the first litter is weaned, or for DNA samples yielding better results at an earlier age.

In all situations, if any of these scenarios apply to a mouseline often, SoftMouse conveniently lets you change the Default Wean, Mature and Tail / Tag Ages. 

Follow these steps to make the change:

  1. Go to your Mouseline List by clicking "Mouselines" in the blue menu header.
  2. Once on the Mouseline List page, select any Mouseline that you wish to edit (You'll be forwarded to the Edit Mouseline Record Page) -- Note that you can also select multiple Mouselines and change the default age for multiple mouselines at at ime.
  3. From here, just type in the new default age that you would like to wean, mate or tag your mice and click on either the green "Save + Stay" button to save your changes and remain on the same page or the "Save + back to list" to take you back to your Mouseline List. 



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.