How to Deactivate a Mouse Record

When a mouse is no longer active in your colony - either it was sacrificed, died, or was transferred to another user, etc. - you can use the End Mice function to mark the record as inactive.


To end a mouse, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Mouse List.
  2. Select one or all mice that are being deactivated.
  3. Click End Mice.
  4. On the End Mice page, enter the End Date on which the mouse records were deactivated.
  5. Enter the End Type --- i.e. how the mouse is being ended. Note you can click on the End Type link to add additional content to the End Type drop down list. 
  6. Enter an End Reason if you desire --- this is not a required field but you can use it to add more detailed information if needed.
  7. Select the mice in the list generated.
  8. Click Apply --- you will see the end information in the Mouse List End columns.
  9. Click Submit.

The mice will be marked as ended, will automatically be removed from their current cages / mating records where applicable, and will be placed in the archive.

If you want to find the ended mice, you can easiily locate them by following these instructions:Filtering your Mouse List for Ended Mice

How to Deactivate a Mouse Record Mark a Mouse as Dead or Transferred

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