How to Disband A Mating

If your breeders are unproductive, getting old or simply have completed their breeding cycle, you can consider disbanding the mating pair which will return the breeders back to Stock Mice. 

To disband a mating:

1.  Go to your Mating List by clicking Matings in the blue menu header.

2.  Click on the checkmark box to the left of any mating you wish to separate. 

3.  After selecting the pair(s) you would like to separate, click on the Disband Matings tab. (You’ll now be forwarded to the Disband Mating Page)


4.  From here, enter the date the mating pair was disbanded and click on the green “apply" button.


5. Finally, to save your changes you'll have 2 options. You can either:

A.  Click on the green "Deactivate Mating" button to save the changes to your database and keep the mice in their current cage. 


B.  Click on the green "Deactivate Mating and Move Mice Into New Cages" button to save the changes to your database AND get forwarded to the Move Mice page where you can move the now separated mice into new cages --- To learn more about moving mice into cages,click here.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.