How to Search For The Family Tree of A Mouse


Every Mouse Record in SoftMouse allows you to view the historical information of a mouses' parents, siblings, and progeny from a lineage point of view, but what if you want to trace back more than just one generation or get a better visualization of the mouse lineage (eg.crossback, multi-strain breeding, etc.)? If so, the Family Tree feature will help. It lets you trace backward or forward multiple generations and creates a family tree to give you a better understanding and visual confirmation of a mouselines breeding history and familial ancestry.



To Search for the Family Tree of A Mouse:


1.  Go to the Family Tree page by clicking "Family Tree" in the blue menu header.

2.  Once on the page, enter the Mouse Tag or SID of the mouse in question and select the amount of generations you would like to see of ancestry and progeny in the Family Tree.

3.  From here, just click on the green "Generate Tree" button and let the system do the rest.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.