How to Manually Assign Protocols to Mice

Protocols can be manually assigned to mice when creating new mice using the Protocol drop down, and also via the Assign Protocol button, which is present on the following pages:

  • Mouse List
  • Edit Mouse
  • Group Edit Mice
  • Edit Litter 
  • Edit Cage


Here are these steps using the Mouse List as an example:

  1. Go to Mouse List on the top menu
  2. Select the Mice you need to transfer
  3. On the More Actions menu in grey select Assign Protocol


 You are now on the Assign Protocols page 

  1. In the Modification Type dropdown menu, select Transfer to new Protocol

    NOTE: If you accidentally assigned the wrong protocol to a mouse and need to remove this mouse from contributing toward the total used animals on that protocol, please select Correct a Wrong Protocol Assignment from the Modification Type drop down to completely remove this mouse from counting towards the protocol

  2. In the Protocols drop down, select the Protocol you want to assign to the mice
  3. Click on Save and Stay or Save and Back


Done! These mice will now count towards the total amount of animals used on the Protocol


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.