How To Move Mice Into EXISTING Cages Without Filter


Every cage in the system can be identified by a user created Cage Tag or an automatically generated Sequential Cage I.D. (SID) that can be used to facilitate cage identifaction or be used as a stand alone cage identifier. The system allows for multiple cages to have the same Cage Tag but not the same Cage SID, for users who have different rooms for example.


The steps below are aimed to help aid the moving of mice into an existing cage and you know the exact Cage Tag or Cage SID.  

If you don't know the exact Cage Tag or the Sequential Cage I.D. of the cage where the mice wice will be moved, please click here.
To move mice into an EXISTING Cage without the filter, follow these steps: 
1.  On the Move page, select the mouse you want to move --- if multiple mice should go in the same existing cage, first group them by clicking the orange "Group" button.
2.  In the Cage Tag field, start typing in the Cage Tag number or the Cage SID you want the mice to be in
3.  Once you start typing, you will see a drop down appear with all existing cages that match what you typed so far (The first number is the Cage Tag. The second is in paranthesis is the SID - Sequential I.D.) - click on the desired cage number in the drop down list
4.  Once the number is clicked in the drop down list, you will see the Cage SID listed above the Cage Tag field similar to the image below. --- This SID may not mean anything specific to you, other than a confirmation that you are moving the mice into an existing cage.
5.  Repeat for the next mouse / group of mice
6.  Finally, click on the green "Create / Update Cages button" to save your changes.

The Mice will now be moved into the existing cage(s). 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.