How To Move Mice Into NEW Cages


In SoftMouse.NET, every cage can be created and identified by a user created Cage Tag. The system also automatically generates a Sequential Cage I.D. (SID) for every cage that can be used to facilitate cage identification or be used as a stand alone cage identifier. The system used completely depends on the user requirements and workflow. Decide which is best for you.

If you require to move mice into an Existing Cage, please click here.


To move mice into a NEW Cage follow these steps: 

From the move mice page,

1.  Select the mouse you want to move 

2.  If multiple mice should go into the same cage, first select the individual checkbox of the corresponding mice in the table and click on the orange "Group" button. 

3.  Input the new Cage Tag into the Cage Tag field for each row in the table --- If using the system generated Cage ID, this field can be left blank.

4.  Next, select alternate options from the Type and Status drop downs if needed (e.g. for facility name or room number)

5.  Finally, click on the green "Create / Update Cages button"



When finished you will be taken to a Move Summary page showing you all of the cages that were changed in the process of the move, i.e. New cages created, Existing cages updated, and Existing cages deactivated (because all mice were moved out of the cage).



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.