Physical Tag Automation

If your animal identification increases incrementally per Mouseline, you can use the auto-tag feature! 

Here's how to set up auto-tagging:
  1. Go to your Mouseline List
  2. Click New Line or select an existing line and click Edit Line
  3. On the right side, set the Auto-tag toggle to On
  4. In Tag prefix, enter a common prefix you want to show for all tags - this is an optional field
  5. In Last Tag: enter the last tag used for this line   - Note the default is 0, which means your first mouse created will be tagged as 1. If you are implementing this feature after your colony has already been established in SoftMouse, simply search your Mouse List for the last tag used and enter in this value and save.

What happens next?

When you create a new mouse or a new pup in this line, SoftMouse.NET will do two things:

  1. Automatically tag the new mouse with the next number in the sequence under this line based on the last tag inputted
  2. Update the Last tag field in the Edit Mouseline page to keep track of what the next tag should be in the sequence


Some important notes to keep in mind as you get started...


About Existing Active Litters:

  • If you have litters created with pups before the auto-tagging feature was turned on, please note that turning on this feature not update the tags of these pre-existing pups.
  • Essentially, turning the feature on will take effect for all new pups created from this point on. 
  • To handle this, our recommendation would be to either delete and recreate the litters (if you don't have too many!). Or manually enter the tags for the existing pups (as before) and then update the "Last Tag" field on your Edit Mouseline page so that the next new mouse entered in this line takes the correct next tag in your sequence. 


About Creating New Mice:

  • When creating a new mouse on the New Mice page, after selecting the parameters of your new mice and clicking Add, you'll notice that the Physical Tag field will be blank. This is normal. 
  • The auto-tagging will only be triggered when you click the Create Mice buttons.
  • In other words, once you click either of the Create Mice buttons, the Physical Tag field will then be populated. So there is no need to enter any tags on the New Mice page if you are using the Auto-tag feature. 


About Manual Changes to Tags:

  • When entering a new mouse or creating a new pup, if you manually enter a tag into the Physical Tag field, this will not change the saved Last tag. Meaning the next mouse created will not take into account any manual change that you make to a single mouse.
  • Also, if you delete a mouse that has been auto-tagged, this will not change the saved Last tag. Meaning the tags of all mice that have been auto-tagged after the deleted mouse will not have their tags updated to account for the deleted tag.
  • If ever you wish to reset the tagging for one mouseline, you can simply go to the Edit Mouseline page and manually change the Last tag to reset the auto-tagging.

    The reason for the above is to preserve the data integrity of your tags. Specifically, there are many scenarios where manual changes can happen that may result in unintended issues. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.