Set up a Centralized Account

As the Lab Administrator of your SoftMouse Account, you can configure your SoftMouse user accounts so that data is centrally housed and all users contribute to a central / common database of mice.

This set up is typically used in labs:

  • that are either just starting off with their mouse colony or
  • where there is a central animal tech who does all of the colony maintenance work for all lab members or
  • where all lab members share common stocks of mouselines


Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create your SoftMouse user accounts

As a lab administrator of your SoftMouse account, you can easily create new users as follows:

  1. Click the Home icon to go to the Administration section of the account
  2. Click My Users menu
  3. Click the "New User" button
  4. Fill in the form and click Submit --- an email with the new account information will be sent to the email address that you inputted into the New User form. 

Step 2: Set up one user as the owner of all mice

Typically we recommend the Lab Administrator account be the one that owns all records in the centralized database, however you can select any user to be the central holder of the data

  1. While still in the My Users menu, in the user table, click the link of the user who will be the owner of all of the lab's data  --- this will take you to the Edit User page
  2. In the Name text fields, change the name to something common, e.g. Ayres Lab Mice
  3. Click Save

Step 3: Set default Lab data sharing to Private

As the Lab administrator, you can set the general data access settings for all lab members. The options are: 

  1. View Only: where each user can view data owned by other users but cannot edit their data
  2. Edit: where each user will have full edit ability to data owned by other users
  3. Private: where each user will have access to their data alone and no access to data owned by others

Because all data will be centralized within one account, we are going to set the general sharing to Private:

  1. Click Lab Permissions menu
  2. In Step 1: select Private
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page (moving on without clicking save will erase this step)

Step 4: Allow users to create records for the main account

Next is to give users the ability to create records for the main account

  1. Still in the Lab Permissions menu, scroll down to Step 2
  2. From the first drop down, select "Me" - which is the main account user that will house all the data.  Note: the page will refresh after making a selection
  3. In the list of users below, select Yes in the drop down list for the applicable users --- this setting allows users to create records for the main account
  4. You will notice a second drop down will become visible once Yes is selected above. Leave this drop down as No as you do not want to allow users to change the owner of the records to someone else. 
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page

Step 5: Give each user the ability to Edit just the central account's data

Each user within the lab should have full Edit ability to the central account's data only so that they can contribute records to the common database. 

Here's how to allow this:

  1. Click the Data Sharing menu
  2. If there are any records existing in the table below, select all the records
  3. Click Delete 
  4. Ensure that the first drop down is set to Me --- this will be the default
  5. In the second drop down, select "All Mouselines" 
  6. In the third drop down, select the name of the first user in the group
  7. In the last drop down, select Edit
  8. Click Submit --- now the table below will refresh to show that one user has been granted full edit access to the centralized lab's data
  9. Repeat from point 6 by selecting the next lab member's name and inputing the same parameters. Be sure to repeat for every user you wish to have access to the centralized data

Step 6: Set default filter to the centralized account

In order for each user to see the main account's data by default after logging in, follow these steps next:

  1. Click My Users from the admin account
  2. Click on the user name link in the table of users
  3. Choose "Me" (i.e. the centralized account) from the dropdown for Default Filter By Owner
  4. Click Save and Back and select the next user and repeat step 3




Now when each user logs in to their own  accounts, all of their Lists (e.g. Mouse list, Mating List, Litter List, Cage List, etc.) will default show the lab's centralized colony data, all under the main owner (e.g. Ayres Lab Mice).

The system will furthermore track who created (and edited) the data so you still have a audit trail of changes made.

Finally, whenever each user creates data, all new records created will be automatically stored under the main account.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.