How To Tag, Genotype And Wean Litter As A Batch

To tag, genotype and wean multiple litter at a time, follow these steps: 

    • First get a list of all pups
      1. Go to the Mouse List
      2. Open the Filter
      3. In State drop down, unselect all currently selected entries and select "Pups"
      4. Click Filter ---- all your pups will show in the Mouse List below
    • Genotype, Tag and Sex pups
      1. Click the select all check box in the header of the list --- this will select all pups in your list
      2. Click Edit Mice
      3. On the Group Edit Mice page, modify the Genotype, Tag and Sex of the pups across all litters
      4. Click Save+Back when done
    • Wean pups
      1. Click the Litter menu to go to the Litter List
      2. Select the check boxes of all Litters to wean
      3. Click Wean Litters
      4. Confirm the Wean Date for each pup on the Wean Litter page
      5. Click Submit+Move
      6. On the Move page
        • Use the Group and Ungroup buttons to cage the weanlings as needed
        • Click "Open Filter" to move the weanlings into Existing Cages
        • If moving into New Cages, simply directly input your new cage tag in the field in the list
        • Click Submit


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.