Transferring mice between owners in group accounts

If you need to transfer a mouse to another user, you can easily do so by simply switching the owner of the mouse to the new user. 
This can be done from the Mouse list or from the Cage list:
  1. First select the desired mice / cages to be transferred and click the Edit Mice button
  2. On the Edit Mouse page, select the new owner from the Owner drop down list.
  3. If on the Group Edit Mice page, reselect all mice in the Mouse List below. If on the single Mouse Edit page simply proceed to step 4
  4. Click Save+Stay or Save+Back
Tip: if you are transferring breeders, please note that you must transfer all breeders in a Mating Record at the same time. If you experience any issues when transferring mating mice, please contact our Support Desk and we will help you out. 
If you’ve successfully completed these steps, you will notice that the transferred mice/cage will no longer display in your list. In order to find them after the transfer, you can open the Filter on any list and filter by the new Owner in the Owner drop down filter parameter.
Note: all historical information will be maintained with the transferred mouse and be viewable to the new owner, such as parental information, genotype information, etc.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.