How Long Can I Use SoftMouse FREE

The short answer is: you can use the SoftMouse FREE version at no charge for as long as you like!


About Account Activation:

How to create a SoftMouse FREE Account? Please visit How To Get SoftMouse FREE


About Account Deactivation:

Your SoftMouse FREE account access will remain active as long as you sign in at least once within 60 days.

For the SoftMouse FREE user who does not access their SoftMouse FREE account at least once within two consecutive months (60 days), the SoftMouse Support Desk must assume that the account is not in use and hence will automatically deactivate the account access.

Click here to understand: Why Would a SoftMouse Account Access be Deactivated


About Account Reactivation:

If your SoftMouse account gets deactivated due to no sign ins for 2 months, please note that you can reactivate your SoftMouse FREE account at anytime.

Click this link to learn: How To Reactivate My SoftMouse FREE Account Access

Please rest assured that if your account access is deactivated, your data will still reside in the SoftMouse database. Should you choose to reactivate your SoftMouse account, you will have full access to the last iteration of your data before your account access was deactivated.


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If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.