Creating Cages

In SoftMouse, all actions start with the Mouse as a first step, then finish with the Cage as a second step. 


For example:

  • First you Disband a Mating record, then you separate the retired breeder mice into their new Stock Cages


On the page in which you complete the first step (e.g. the New Mouse page, the New Mating page, the New Litter page, the Wean Litter page, the Disband Mating page, etc.), you will always see two green buttons at the bottom right of the screen. 


Here's an example:


In order to engage the Cage function, always click the button on the right that contains the word "Move".  

This will allow you to then move the mice into either New Cages  or to Existing Cages 



If you prefer to bypass the Cage feature altogether, you can simply click on the "left side" green button to execute the task in the database, without moving the mice at all.


This is useful if for example:

  • You do not know the current cage configuration for your mice and you wish to enter this information at a later time
  • Your mice are already in their appropriate cages and you do not wish to move them, you simply wish to retire them from their mating record, or leave female pups in the cage with their mother even though it is past their wean date, etc. 


You can also Move Mice anytime from the Mouse List or Cage List with the Move Mice button... 



...or by selecting the move mice button within the Edit Mating page, Edit Litter Page, or Edit Cage page as well.


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.