Do you keep a backup of our SoftMouse data

The short answer to your question is: yes, we back-up the SoftMouse database every day at a secure second location. This back-up represents a non-editable copy of all data inputted into the database up to that date. By "non-editable", we mean that no SoftMouse user (including yourself or any one in your lab) can access these back-ups to change the content, i.e. the back-ups represent an actual snapshot of your colony from that time point. By extension, with these back-ups, we can pull up a copy of your data from a previous point in time if you ever need to reference what your colony looked like exactly at a specific time point.


  1. For your reference, we employ multiple back-up strategies to back-up all of our subscribers' data: We have two internal methods of data back-up of all data inputted into the SoftMouse database:
    • A real time back-up of the data in a secure second database on site
    • A daily back-up at the end of every day at a secure secondary off site location
  2. You can export your data from each list by clicking the cloud with arrow icon on each main SoftMouse.NET list.                                                                
  3. We also have a searchable Audit Log that traces all updates made to your data, including what record was changed, what specific change was made (old value and new value), which user made the change, on what date and what time. On the live database, the audit goes back two months. That said, through a combination of our back-up methods listed above, if at any time you need to go back historically past the 2 months to get a snap shot of your colony at a previous time, we can certainly send this snap shot up to you.


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