How Do I Know if My SoftMouse Account Access Has Been Deactivated

If your SoftMouse.NET account access has been deactivated, you will see an "Inactive User" notification when you try to login at www.SoftMouse.NET as follows in the red box:

Note: If your account access has been deactivated, please rest assured that your data will still reside in the SoftMouse.NET database. Should your account be reactivated, you will have full access to the last iteration of your data before your account access was deactivated. 

Learn more about: Why a SoftMouse.NET Account Access could be deactivated

If you wish to reactivate your SoftMouse account access, please click the "Inactive User?" link below the login form and follow the steps: How to reactivate your SoftMouse.NET FREE account access


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.