Why Would A SoftMouse Account Access Be Deactivated

A SoftMouse account access could be deactivated for the following reasons:

  1. A SoftMouse FREE user who has not accessed their account for sixty (60) consecutive days 
    - In this case, the SoftMouse Support Desk must assume that the account is not in use and hence will automatically deactivate the account access.
    - Specifically, Iseehear Inc. has allocated compute, storage, network and other resources to SoftMouse FREE users and labs on a limited budget. It would not be fair to other SoftMouse users to have dormant accounts consuming these precious resources.
    - A SoftMouse FREE user can prevent login access deactivation by signing into their FREE account using any device at least once every fifty-nine (59) days. 
    - A SoftMouse FREE user can reactivate their SoftMouse FREE account at any time by following the instructions here.

  2. A SoftMouse Premium user whose account has been deactivated by their SoftMouse Account administrator 
    - In this case, your lab's SoftMouse account administrator may have deactivated your access or requested that your access be deactivated by the SoftMouse Support Desk.
    - You will need to contact your SoftMouse account administrator to request reactivation.
    - If you are unsure who your SoftMouse account administrator is, please contact us with your username and email address and our Support Desk can assist you.

  3. A SoftMouse user that violates our Terms of Service
    - All SoftMouse users are expected to use the service according to Iseehear Inc. policies and our Terms of Service.
    - When a SoftMouse user breaks any of the policies in our Terms of Service, there is the potential to have their SoftMouse access deactivated.

  4. A newly registered SoftMouse user who provides incorrect credentials and contact information
    - When signing up for a SoftMouse account, we specify that you must provide accurate contact information, such as correct email address, phone number, Institution, etc.
    - SoftMouse registrants who provide incorrect contact information may have their account access deactivated by the SoftMouse Support Desk.
    - Once valid credentials are provided, then the acount access will be reactivated.

If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.