Filtering By Genotype


In SoftMouse, the user has multiple ways to search for mice, from Protocol to Current State.  The system can also search for mice by Genotype if you require finding a mouse with a specific or very complex gene / allele combination.  


To Filter Your Mice By Genotype:

From the Mouse List Page:

1.  Click the black "Open Filter" button and navigate to the Genotype section of the Filter. 

2.  Next, select the gene and allele of interest from the corresponding drop down lists and click the grey "Add To Genotype" button to add the combination to the Genotype box. (If you are interested in looking for more than one gene/allele combination, simply select the next gene and allele combination from the drop down lists and click the grey "Add To Genotype" button again.)

3.  When ready, click the green "Filter" button to see the total count of mice that meet your filter parameters in your Mouse List.



Genotype searching itself allows you to perform:

 A.  Inexact searches without checking any check box: if you want to find all mice that have one and/or two genes (e.g. all mice that were screened for the Rosa gene and or a Cre)

B.  Exact Match searches with the Exact Match check box: if you want to find mice with exactly the genotype of interest (e.g. all mice that are positive for a Cre and Het for a specific gene)

C.  At Least searches with the And check box: if you want to find mice with at least two genes of interest, whether or not there are any additional genes in the genotype (e.g. all mice positive for a Cre and Het for another gene and perhaps some mice have a third gene and some don't)


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.