Import Genotype Results


You can import genotype results to the corresponding mouse records in SoftMouse.NET using our import template. 

Here are the steps: 

1. On the Mouse List, click the Genotype drop down, then click Upload Results -- the page will direct you to the Upload your Genotype Results page

  1. In the "Please choose a Genotyping Method" drop down list, select Other
  2. Download the Results Template and follow the instructions on the file to fill in your results
  3. Click the blue "Click here to upload your genotype file" button and upload the excel file 

  4. Click the "Check for Errors" button at the bottom right --- Any errors found in your sheet will be listed and you can click "Back" to return to the previous page to correct any errors.
    Errors can include for example:
    • You do not have permission to update the genotype of one of the mice listed in the sheet. 
    • One of the Animal SID / Physical Tag columns to be filled in for a row.
    • Animal Owner / Genotypes columns for some of the rows are missing.

  5. Once there are no errors, click "Proceed to Preview" button
  6. Review the mouse list preview and if all looks good, click "Submit Genotypes" at the bottom right



Back on your Mouse List the genotypes will be uploaded!


If you are unsure what the error relates to, please contact our support and we will gladly help you. 


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.