Ordering your Genes in the Genotype Display


If you are genotyping for different genes, you may sometimes receive your genotype results at different times. When inputting the genes into SoftMouse, you can ensure that your gene list is ordered so that regardless of when and how you input the various gene for a given mouse or group of mice, the genotype will always display with the genes ordered based on your order preference.


Here's what to do to set up your preferred order:



  1. Select a few mice and go to the Group Edit Mouse page --- doesn't matter which mice, we won't be editing them, we only need to select them to get to the edit page
  2. Click on the "Gene" link in front of the drop down
  3. Select one gene --- note you can only move one gene at a time
  4. Use the Move Up / Move Down buttons to place the gene in the order you wish
  5. Repeat Step 3-4 until the gene list is displayed in your desired order
  6. Click Save


Now go back to your Mouse List and you will see that the genes will be ordered based on your preference for your existing records.

Going forward, regardless of the order in which you enter the genes for any given mouse, the genes will always be displayed as per your preference in the genotype column of your Mouse List.



If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.