Prepare your Transnetyx Account


In order to have your Transnetyx genotype results import smoothly in SoftMouse.NET, you will need to configure the following 2 settings in your Transnetyx account:

  1. Ensure your Strain names in Transnetyx match your Mouseline names in SoftMouse.NET

    • You can either login to Transnetyx and change the Strain names to be the same as your SoftMouse.NET Mouseline names (My Strains > Click the Strain name > Click Rename Strain), or vice versa.

    • Important! If the 2 names in the 2 systems are not exactly matching, then you will not be able to upload your order created in SoftMouse.NET to Transnetyx as their system will not recognize the Strains in the order sheet.

  2. Fill in the Translated Results for each strain to display as desired in your SoftMouse.NET Genotype column

    • Within your Transnetyx account, under each Strain, click the tab called Translate Results.

    • For each possible result for the probes being tested, select the values from the drop downs and enter the corresponding interpreted Translated Result into the marked field, then save and repeat for the next possible result.

    • If there is more than one probe being tested for, simply separate the gene/allele combinations by a semicolon (;) or a comma (,) in the translated result.

    • Important! 
      - If you do not fill in the Translated Results field, then your genotypes will not import into SoftMouse.NET
      - What you enter into this Translated Result field will be exactly how your genotype will display in your SoftMouse.NET Genotype column.
      - Finally, this works going forward, not retroactively. Meaning all new orders created after you have filled in this Translated Results field will be uploadable to SoftMouse.NET. All past orders will not be able to be uploaded, as the translated results will not be filled in. 


You are all set to Create your next TransnetYX Order in SoftMouse.NET!


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