Understanding Genotypes in SoftMouse


 There are 4 parts to the Genotype feature:

  1. Gene drop down list  --- This list houses all the genes that you are tracking across all mouselines
  2. Allele drop down list  --- This list houses all the alleles that you are tracking across all genes
  3. Click Add to Genotype or the "x" to delete genotype  --- These buttons serve to add and remove gene / allele combinations that will make up the final genotype
  4. Genotype Box  --- This box will show all gene / allele combinations for one mouse or a group of mice that you will apply them to. 


Add Content to Gene and Allele drop downs:

The following pages allow you to add and edit Genotypes to your Mice:

  1. Create New Mouse form
  2. Single Edit Mouse page
  3. Group Edit Mouse page
  4. Edit Litter page > Edit Pups

On any of the above pages, if you click on the words "Gene" or "Allele", which are links, this will open a pop up window which will allow you to add your own customized content to the lists.

If you prefer to use word nomenclature for your alleles (e.g. "Het" instead of "+/-"), you can simply select the check box of the existing allele and click the Grey Edit box to change the name. Upon change, all mice with that allele will be updated automatically with the new name.

Depending on your preference:

  • You can add a Gene without an Allele
  • You can add an Allele without a Gene
  • You can add a single Gene / Allele combination for one mouse ---e.g. you are tracking just one gene
  • You can add multiple Genes / Alleles combinations --- e.g. you are tracking multiple genes in a double or triple knock out for example
  • etc...


If you have any further questions, please contact us with your inquiry.