Search for a Transnetyx Well Plate


You can easily search for Transnetyx Well Plate in SoftMouse.NET using your Mouse Filter:

  1. Go to the Mouse List 
  2. Open the Filter
  3. Enter the Well Plate of interest
  4. If any of the mice are from various owners, select All under Owner
  5. If any of the mice are ended, be sure to select All under Filter Mode
  6. Click Filter

All animals on Well Plate will display. 


Note you can also add in the TYX Well Plate column to your Mouse List display:

  1. Click Select Columns
  2. Check the box for TYX Well Plate
  3. Click Save

Now you will see the TYX Well Plate column display. 

To move the column to your preferred location, simply grab the header and drag/drop it where you want it, then click Save Order.


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